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Pastor Mike

Welcome to PCM!

We have been moving away from the restrictions which we put in place at the beginning of the pandemic. We have restored Ruling Elders to the Platform. So also, we have re-instituted the offering.

Beginning May 23, we are dropping both mandatory social distancing and the wearing of masks while in the church building and sanctuary.

Why this Sunday and not June 6th as originally planned for dropping mandatory masks? The simple answer is that your Session has agreed to these changes in light of the recent change of positions on the part of both the CDC and the state of CT with regard to COVID-19.

Therefore, we are leaving it up to individual members to decide for themselves and their families if they wish to continue to social distance and/or wear masks while in the church building.

To that end, we will continue to mark the last four rows at the rear of the Sanctuary as a location where masks and social distancing will be required and will ask that those who are not concerned about social distancing or mask usage refrain from sitting there.

Meanwhile, we will continue to simulcast morning and evening services for those whose health vulnerabilities may keep them from returning to corporate worship with us.

~Pastor Mike Robison

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